Wow new concept
I loved the whole light house set up .. It looked like as if I’m reading a page from some classic Jane Austin novel

Behind the Dori

She was soaked through to the bone, her heavy lehenga completely drenched with the pouring rain. Her bright red Porsche looked out of place against the rugged landscape, a lone car driving down the twisted roads.

She could vaguely hear the slamming of the ocean against the rocks, the distant thunder rolling ominously.

It was only 4 PM, but the dark clouds made it look like midnight, completely covering the sky. She could see the faint outlines of cows roaming in the distance, the rolling hills a sharp contrast to the steep, rugged cliffs that flanked the lighthouse.

She trembled as she stepped out of the car, lifting the intricately embroidered orange lehenga as she sprinted towards the tall, white lighthouse through the storm.

The single light illuminated the waters in a sole beam, stretching out across the vicious ocean. She desperately hoped that someone would be inside to open…

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